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Common failures of pneumatic butterfly valves

May 03,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

What are the common problems with pneumatic butterfly valves? Before understanding this issue, I would like to tell everyone that instead of resolving the problem when the pneumatic butterfly valve fails, it is better to do a full job during the installation and use. Some failures can be avoided completely.

First, the pneumatic butterfly valve must be strictly examined and tested before leaving the factory. When testing the sealing performance of a pneumatic butterfly valve, the two sides of the inlet and outlet are evenly fixed, and then the butterfly valve is closed and the inlet end of the valve is pressed. End observation is not a leak. If you want to do a strength test on the valve on the pipe, the butterfly plate of the pneumatic butterfly valve should be in the open state to prevent the pressure from destroying the valve sealing pair.

In addition, after the pneumatic butterfly valve is shipped from the factory, it is necessary to pay attention to it during transportation, and it is not possible to bump the valve. Before the installation, check all the components of the pneumatic butterfly valve. Confirm whether the valve performance and parameters purchased are in accordance with the working conditions of the circulating medium of the pipeline. If it is found to be inconsistent, it must be replaced with the manufacturer in a timely manner. It is worth noting that when purchasing the valve product, it must be their own needs and work. Say it clearly so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

Finally, we must pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of pneumatic butterfly valves. Before the installation, ensure that the inner cavity of the valve is clean, including the magazine and foreign objects on the seal ring and the butterfly plate. Before cleaning, the butterfly plate must not be closed to prevent impurities from damaging the seal ring and affecting the sealing performance of the valve. The only requirement for the position of the pneumatic butterfly valve in the pipeline is that it cannot be flipped in the horizontal pipeline to prevent leakage of the medium from the stem packing, causing danger. For pneumatic butterfly valves with frequent opening and closing, maintenance and maintenance should be done every two to three months on average to lubricate the various parts of the valve. Pneumatic wafer butterfly valve is recommended to use butterfly valve flange when installed in the pipeline.

The attention of pneumatic butterfly valve installation has been introduced. If you want the pneumatic butterfly valve not to fail in the process of use, we need to check the use effect of the valve regularly and find out the failure in time.

Pneumatic butterfly valve installation has been introduced attention to the finished, if you want to use pneumatic butterfly valve in the process of failure, we need to regularly check the valve to use the effect and found that the failure to rule out.

The common faults of pneumatic butterfly valves are:

1. Pneumatic butterfly valve has gas source, signal, no output.

2. Constant orifice blockage Torque motor short circuit.

3. The valve position exceeds or lags after a given signal.

4. Air leakage in the amplifier.

5. Steady movement of the stem after the signal is given The amplifier does not match the charge and exhaust.


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