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Suitable media for wafer butterfly valve

May 03,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

The wafer type butterfly valve is a type of butterfly valve which is a connection form of a clip. Its driving form can directly install a handle or a turbine device to operate the valve. It is also called a manual clip type butterfly valve. In addition, it can be equipped with electric or Pneumatic control valves are known as electric or pneumatic wafer butterfly valves.The application medium of the butterfly valve is mainly related to the sealing cover of the butterfly valve, which is different from the sealing cover of the clamp butterfly valve. There is a dual soft sealing butterfly valve and a dual type hard sealing butterfly valve. Different sealing surface materials will cause different media for the wafer type butterfly valve.

The sealing surface is a soft-sealed wafer type butterfly valve. The most common materials for the sealing surface are nitrile rubber, EPDM, and PTFE.

Nitrile rubber has the advantages of good oil resistance, wear resistance and heat resistance, and strong adhesion. The disadvantages are low temperature resistance, poor ozone resistance, poor insulation performance, and low elasticity. Therefore, the medium for the wafer type butterfly valve using nitrile as the material is oil.

EPDM rubber has advantages of ozone resistance, heat resistance, and aging resistance. It is widely used in construction, power generation, water conservancy, and other fields. EPDM-based wafer-type butterfly valve is applicable to media including water, steam, etc. Acid and alkaline medium.

The advantages of PTFE are acid resistance, alkali resistance, and resistance to various organic solvents; it is widely used in chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, chemical fiber, non-ferrous metallurgy and other fields. The medium used for the wafer type butterfly valve made of Teflon is corrosive.

Due to the limitations of sealing materials, the wafer-type soft-seal butterfly valve is not suitable for high-temperature, high-pressure, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant industries.

The sealing surface is a hard-sealed wafer-type butterfly valve. The material of the sealing surface is usually a metal material. The wafer-type hard-seal butterfly valve is generally suitable for high temperature and high pressure environments and is suitable for high temperature, high pressure, and highly corrosive media. The service life is also longer than that of the wafer-type soft-seal butterfly valve.

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