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Manual wafer butterfly valve installation techniques

Apr 28,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News
​Manual wafer type butterfly valve is the most common type of butterfly valve product. It is widely used in water conservancy projects, power plants, town construction, petrochemicals, and other fields, in the pipeline of weak acid and alkaline media such as water, steam and oil is the most common. The importance of the manual wafer butterfly valve to the pipeline is self-evident, mainly reflected in the cut-off or adjustment of the flow of the medium for the pipeline, ensuring the normal operation of the pipeline, and even ensuring the safety of production conditions. Then, if you want to manually work with wafer type butterfly valve, in addition to pay attention to the process of butterfly valve operation and maintenance, at the time of installation, shall make full preparations, This article will introduce you to the manual wafer butterfly valve installation techniques.

Manual wafer butterfly valve installation techniques

1. Preservation before installation: Store the manual wafer-type butterfly valve in a cool, dry, and ventilated environment, and cover and seal the valve to prevent the valve from being contaminated by dust and debris.

2. Before the wafer butterfly valve is installed on the pipeline, the pipeline needs to be calibrated, and the pipeline positions at both ends cannot be deviated. Otherwise, after the valve is installed, the wafer-type butterfly valve can be used because the pipeline positions at both ends are not aligned. Body tightened or broken.

3. Before the valve is installed, the valve and all installed pipes must be cleaned again to ensure that the valve and the inside of the pipe are completely clean and no dust can be left.

4. Manual wafer butterfly valves are manual butterfly valves that require manual operation. 

Therefore, there are requirements for the installation position of the manual butterfly valve. 

The installation position of the valve must be convenient for the personnel's operation and maintenance in the future. It has been demonstrated that the best position for manual valve installation is about 1.2 meters of the floor. Valves installed outdoors must be covered with some cover to prevent bad weather from affecting the valve.

5. When installing on the pipe, ensure that the butterfly plate is in the closed state, so as to avoid collision and damage of the butterfly plate and the pipe flange, which will affect the sealing performance.

6. After the manual wafer-type butterfly valve is installed, if there is an open-close fault during use, the cause must be identified and the fault must be eliminated. Do not use force, open or closed by brute force or other methods.

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