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The type of PTFE butterfly valve

May 11,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News
The PTFE butterfly valve is the butterfly valve which sealing suface is made of Teflon,which belongs to the soft sealing butterfly valve.The sealing surface material of fluorine valve has strong resistance to acid and alkali resistance, resistance to various organic solvents and strong corrosion resistance of acid and alkali.Adapt to the working temperature of in -between 196 ~ 200 ℃.The excellent performance has been widely used in the acid and alkali medium pipeline in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical and other industries. What are the types of Fluorine Butterfly Valves? This article introduces you in graphic form.
Fluorine-filled butterfly valves can be classified into wafer-type fluorinated butterfly valves and flange-type fluorinated butterfly valves depending on the type of connection.As for the type of fluoridated butterfly valve, we also need to start with this classification.
The common types of wafer-type fluorine-based butterfly valves are D71F, D371F, D671F, and D971F. They represent the handle, turbine, pneumatic, and electric four-way actuation of the wafer-type variated butterfly valve. Flange-type fluorine-plated butterfly valve models are commonly used D41F, D341F, D642F, D942F, respectively represents the flange-type fluorine-filled butterfly valve handle, turbine, pneumatic and electric drive, usually pneumatic and electric flanged fluorinated butterfly valve Double eccentric structure will be made. 
Above the price, under the condition of the same material of the same caliber, the pair of clips of the fluorine-type butterfly valve is cheaper than the flange type. The structure of the lining fluorine butterfly valve is shorter and shorter, and it is suitable for working conditions with small distances at both ends of the pipeline. Flange-lined fluorine butterfly valve is more suitable for making large-diameter valves.

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