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Model introduction of manual butterfly valve

May 10,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

Manual butterfly valves are used most in all types of butterfly valves, not only because of their simple structure and light weight, but also because of the good sealing performance of manual butterfly valves. The manual butterfly valve not only can be used to circulate the medium in the cut-off pipeline, but also regulate the flow of the medium in the pipeline. What are the common types of manual butterfly valves? This article will give you an introduction based on the manual butterfly valve.

The manual butterfly valve can be divided into two kinds: handle butterfly valve and worm gear operated butterfly valve, and there are differences between the wafer type butterfly valve and the flange type butterfly valve according to the connecting mode.Commonly used models of Manual butterfly valve, we can be divided into a pair of wafer manual butterfly valve and flanged manual butterfly valve to introduce.

The common types of wafer manual butterfly valves are D71X and D371X. Where D denotes a butterfly valve, 3 denotes a worm gear operated (the handle drive ignores it), 7 denotes a wafer type, and X denotes a rubber seal.

The common models of flanged manual butterfly valves are D41X and D341X. Where 4 represents the connection form is flanged. The other code meanings are the same as for the wafer manual butterfly valve.

From the point of structure characteristics, manual butterfly valve is used in middle type and short structure steel plate welding, a new type of structure is more compact, small weight, simple installation, and small flow resistance, flow is larger.In addition, there are no connecting rods and bolts inside the manual butterfly valve, which can be used more safely and reliably, and the service life can be extended.The manual butterfly valve is usually a two-way seal. If there is no special requirement, the installation on the pipeline is not affected by the flow of the medium.

Manual butterfly valve, especially handle butterfly valve, has limited operating torque, so it is not suitable for large diameter valve.Normally the diameter of the handle butterfly valve is 250mm, which requires the installation of turbo head or electric and pneumatic device according to the situation.Manual butterfly valves in water supply and drainage, electric power, chemical, petroleum, water conservancy, municipal construction and other fields have a wide range of applications, if you have a need to purchase, please contact with professional  butterfly valve manufacturer - Bundor.

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