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You do know how to extend the life of knife-shaped gate valve?

Jul 27,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

Knife-type valve, valve bodies, valve seats, valve plate, valve stem, consisting of hand wheel bracket and wheel products of one end of the valve stem and valve plate fixed and the other end through the center of the valve body and the hand wheel bracket hole and hand wheel connection;

You do know how to extend the life of knife-shaped gate valve?

Knife type gate, by valve body, and valve seat, and valve Board, and valve rod, and handwheel bracket and handwheel composition; products of valve rod of end and valve Board solid even, another end through valve body and handwheel bracket of center hole and handwheel connection; products of valve body cavity of pipeline mouth has and valve Board tie of valve seat; its features is: products of valve seat of ring sealed seat surface tilt set, its tilt angle for θ; products of valve Board and ring sealed seat faces tie of surface for slope surface; products of handwheel bracket and valve body through valve body Shang cover solid even. 

Products are provided in the center hole of the wheel bracket nuts, the valve stem through the nut and hand wheel connection.

Knife-type valve used for:

1. mining, iron and steel industries-coal and residue slurry, etc;

2. the purification device-for waste water, mud, dirt, and clarified water with suspended solids;

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3. pulp, paper industry – for any concentration water mixture;

4. power plant ash-ash slurry-for.

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