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Handle operated butterfly valve maintenance

Nov 10,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

Manual butterfly valve sealing cover leakage

There are three reasons:
1. The butterfly board and the sealing cover contain foreign body;
2. The closed position of the butterfly plate and sealing cover does not match;
3. The flange bolts on the outlet side are not evenly stressed.

Maintenance methods:
1. Remove impurities and clean the valve chamber;
2. Adjust the adjusting screw of turbine or actuator to make the valve in the right closed position;
3. Check the mounting flange plane and bolt compression.

Two side leakage of manual butterfly valve:
The reason: 1. Both side sealing gaskets fail;
2. The pipe flange is not tightened or not tightened;
3. The upper and lower sealing gasket of the sealing ring fails.

Maintenance methods:
1.Replace the sealing gasket;
2. Press flange bolt;
3. Remove the pressure ring of the valve and replace the sealing ring failure gasket

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