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The advantages of electric valve and selection guide

Jan 26,2019 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

With the progress of The Times and continuous reform, China's valve products also with the replacement of The Times and innovation, currently in the environmental protection and safety voice more and more high valve market, the use of automatic control devices such as electric and pneumatic valves has become indispensable. Automatic valve use more energy saving, more safe and reliable. Compared with the traditional manual valve, the movement speed is faster than the ordinary valve, not only reduces the manpower, but also greatly improves the work efficiency.

When the selection of electric valve, in addition to the basic valve body diameter, pressure, material requirements, but also pay attention to: power parameters; The operating time and the form of the electric actuator; Whether explosion-proof and explosion-proof grade are required; Air protection grade; Overload protection requirements; Local operation requirements; Instructions required.

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