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Characteristics of fluorine - lined butterfly valves

Mar 09,2019 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

Fluorine - lined butterfly valve price is significantly lower than corrosion - resistant stainless steel valves and hastelloy valves. Some strong corrosive medium, metal valves can not be used, only the fluorine valve can be used.

Fluorine-butterfly butterfly valve using medium temperature: normally fluorine-butterfly butterfly valve is the use of fluorine plastic FEP, using the medium temperature should not exceed 150 degrees Celsius (medium temperature can reach 150 degrees Celsius, short time for a long period of time should be in suitable temperature 120 degrees Celsius), otherwise, the valve parts of plastic softening, deformation, easily lead to valve closed tightly, large amount of leakage.

If the temperature of the medium used by the user is below 180 deg c in a short time and below 150 deg c in a long time, another kind of fluoroplastic PFA can be selected. However, the price is relatively high, so the inquiry should be made in advance when matching.

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