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Soft seal gate valve through gas configuration

Mar 13,2019 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

Soft seal gate valve is an upgrade of traditional gate valve, which effectively solves the problem that traditional gate valve is easy to rust and leak. Soft seal gate valve is commonly used in water supply and drainage, water conservancy and other fields, mainly used for water medium.

The domestic standard soft seal gate valve is over-water by default, and the gate valve with the diameter less than 100mm applicable to oil and natural gas is American standard, generally it is hard seal. In theory, a soft-sealed gate valve that passes water can pass a neutral gas, as long as the seal meets the requirements, and the gas-sealing sealing material generally requires rubber.

The soft-sealed gate valve produced by Bundor is made of powdered epoxy resin, which can resist oxidation and prevent the valve body from being corroded and not easily rusted. The valve body is made of ball-milled cast iron and is lighter in weight than conventional gate valves for installation and maintenance.

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