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Advantage Analysis of Three Eccentric Metal Hard Seal Butterfly Valves

Jun 03,2019 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

The triple eccentric butterfly valve is a metal hard seal butterfly valve. The triple eccentricity is named because its stem axis is simultaneously deviated from the center of the disc and the center of the body, and the axis of rotation of the valve seat is at a certain angle to the axis of the valve body passage. The three eccentric butterfly valve is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and has a long service life. It is suitable for use in medium temperature ≤ 425 ° C environment, and is widely used in metallurgical, electric power, petrochemical, and industrial pipelines such as water supply and drainage and municipal construction. It acts to regulate flow and shut off fluid use. The valve body of the triple eccentric butterfly valve is made of cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel. This article will analyze and introduce the advantages of the three eccentric butterfly valves.
Stainless steel butterfly and check valves, gate valves

1. A metal-to-metal elastic hard seal structure is a structural form in which an elastic metal J-ring is mounted on a valve seat. The J-ring is pressed with a pressure plate and bolted. The two sides of the J-shaped ring have sealing rings with good sealing performance and high temperature resistance and high pressure, and have a certain margin. We can adjust the position of the J-ring so that the valve does not leak due to wear after a period of use. The valve is suitable for use in medium to high temperature and medium and high pressure piping systems.

2. The high wear-resistant self-lubricating composite bearing is used in the key part of the relative movement of the shaft and the body, so that the friction of the disc when it is opened or closed can be reduced to ensure no wear between the shaft and the body.

3. The high hardness wear-resistant alloy spherical thrust pad and high hardness flat pad are used at the bottom of the lower shaft of the valve body. During the movement of the disc, all downward gravity and friction are concentrated here. Due to the high hardness of the two thrust pads, the contact area is small, and the long-term movement has no wear, so that the valve can be opened and closed easily and never sinks.

4. The triple eccentric structure is a qualitative leap of the butterfly valve. Therefore, the service life of the valve is greatly improved. And this makes a significant improvement in the size of the opening and closing torque.

5. The metal-to-metal multi-layer composite hard seal structure is a structural form in which a multi-layer composite metal ring is mounted on a valve plate. The multi-layer composite metal ring is repeatedly superposed and pressed from stainless steel metal sheets and flexible graphite sheets, which has high strength and rigidity. Flexible graphite still has good sealing performance under high temperature and high pressure. The rigid and soft properties of these two materials make the valve suitable for most media and have a wide range of applications and long service life.

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