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Operating principle of handle wafer butterfly valve

Apr 13,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

Manual wafer butterfly valve can do good for opening and closing in the operation, the operation is convenient, not only need the valve type selection of the appropriate, procurement of products of good quality, the careful installation, etc., also need to considerate daily operation and management, to ensure that the manual wafer butterfly valve in the field of normal function.

The good operation and management of the butterfly valve should include three parts: complete technical data; thoughtful valve operation and management; valve well in good condition. details as follows:

1, manual wafer butterfly valve technical information

A complete butterfly valve technical data should include the valve factory specification; the valve after the purchase of the inspection of a single; valve assembly and location cards; valve maintenance records. This information is not simply archived, but it should be improved according to changes in the scene and the considerable conditions. For example, for the changes in the street, the valve assembly and location card should be updated in a timely manner, and strive to establish the latest GIS management system.

2, manual butterfly butterfly valve operation and management

The quality requirements for the butterfly valve operation and management shall include the fact that the valve should be closed tightly or basically tightly; the valve shaft seal packing should not be leaked; the valve should be opened and closed lightly and the instructions should be in good condition; the valve must be opened and closed to complete the batch approval record and the operation record is perfect; Periodic opening and closing records of weekly inspections. Cooperating with the record of work also includes a long-term operation of the valve, according to the size of the caliber, set a different cycle of inspection. For the faults found, a corresponding plan for major repairs should be proposed and dealt with in a timely manner. Valves that cannot be opened after special closures should be included in emergency treatment and repaired.

3. Valve well status of manual butterfly valve

The valve well condition includes valve well masonry conforming to the design requirements; the well cover is intact and the road surface is intact; the hole position of the valve is accurate; there is no debris and sewage in the well; there is no rust spot on the butterfly valve surface. In the maintenance process, it should be noted that the valve well is a closed space, easy to form anoxic, carbon dioxide levels increase, once the maintenance personnel go into operation before the well must be strong blast, ventilation and other measures, it is easy to endanger human life. Where conditions permit, large-diameter valve wells should take into account the technical measures for long-term convection of the air in the well. Valve wells should be patrolled periodically to handle pressure burying problems in a timely manner. Special attention should be paid to the emergency treatment of missing or damaged covers.


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