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Introduction of Three eccentric&Double eccentric flange butterfly valve

Apr 16,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

The butterfly valve can be divided into a midline butterfly valve, single eccentric butterfly valve, double eccentric butterfly valve and triple eccentric butterfly valve. These butterfly valves are used widely in our production and life. Because the defects of the midline butterfly valve do not apply to the environment with too high or low temperature and pressure, the butterfly valve has been continuously improved. This has the following new design of single eccentricity, double eccentricity, and three eccentricity, each time. Improvement is a breakthrough. Nowadays, the applications of double-eccentric and triple-eccentric butterfly valves are more and more widely used. This article will introduce the application of double-eccentric and triple-eccentric butterfly valves.

Application of double eccentric butterfly valve

Bi-eccentric butterfly valve uses eccentric structure design and is widely used in fluid pipeline systems of water supply and drainage, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical, textile, papermaking, hydropower, metallurgy, energy and other projects for regulation and interception.

Under normal circumstances, the seat material of the double-eccentric butterfly valve uses PTFE material, which can effectively prevent corrosion. In addition, metal-sealed valve seats can also be used to adapt to high-temperature working conditions. However, with the double-eccentric butterfly valve with metal seat, the sealing surface of the butterfly plate and the valve seat is in line contact. The seal belongs to the position seal structure. This seal structure cannot withstand high pressure. If it is used under high pressure conditions, it will generate a large amount of leakage. Therefore, do not use double-offset butterfly valves with metal-sealed seats in high-pressure working conditions or systems that require severe shut-off.

Application of triple eccentric butterfly valve

The three-offset butterfly valve is currently the most technologically advanced butterfly valve. It absorbs the advantages of other butterfly valves and avoids the deficiencies of other butterfly valves. It has received more and more attention from users and technicians. Three-offset butterfly valve has a great deal of freedom in the choice of sealing material, able to deal with high and low temperature and various corrosive media such as acid and alkali. In addition, triple eccentric butterfly valve can achieve zero leakage, especially suitable for making large-diameter valves, and when used as a cut-off valve, it can replace gate valves and ball valves; when used to regulate flow, it can replace bulky shut-off valves.

At present, the three-offset butterfly valve is used in important pipelines in major industries such as oil exploration, petroleum refining, petrochemicals, and energy power generation. With continuous research, it is believed that three-offset butterfly valves will be applied to more and more fields.

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