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Worm gear operated butterfly valve installation considerations

Apr 18,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

This article mainly introduces installation precautions for the worm gear operated butterfly valve. The worm gear operated butterfly valve is equipped with a turbine head on the butterfly valve to make the valve easier to open and close. Both worm gear operated butterfly valves are manual butterfly valves. The advantages are simple structure, easy operation, and easy installation and maintenance.

The working principle of the worm gear operated butterfly valve is to manually rotate the hand wheel to drive the turbine device to work, and the turbine device controls the movement of the valve rod. Finally, the butterfly plate rotates with the valve stem and rotates through 90° to complete one opening and closing. When the disc rotation angle is between 0-90° (excluding 0° and 90°), the flow of the pipe medium can be adjusted and controlled.
installation of butterfly valve

Installation notes of worm gear operated butterfly valve:

Commonly used worm gear operated butterfly valves have two kinds of worm gear operated wafer butterfly valves and worm gear operated flanged butterfly valves.

The wafer-type worm-gear operated butterfly valve needs to use a stud bolt to fix the valve between the two pipe flanges.Worm gear operated flanged butterfly valve body with a flange, with bolts to connect the body end flange to the pipe flange.

Worm gear operated butterfly valve installation generally does not require direction. The best installation position on the horizontal pipeline is vertical installation, it is better not to be vertically down, inconvenient to operate, but also the risk of leakage. In addition, the worm gear operated butterfly valve is a manually-operated manual valve. It is necessary to facilitate the manual operation at the installation position on the pipeline. Even if the installation is difficult, it must be given priority for the long-term work of the operator. The best installation position, the handwheel of the butterfly valve and the general The chest of an adult is about 1 meter 2 away from the floor of the operating floor. In this position, the operator will be able to open and close the valve more easily.

The handwheel of the worm gear operated butterfly valve that lands on the floor should face upwards, do not tilt. If the installation location is against a wall or other equipment, give the operator room to stand and operate. The location of the installation must be avoided by the operator to operate in the air. Once the pipeline is acid and alkali, toxic and harmful medium, it will pose a threat to the safety of the operator.

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