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How to maintain the worm gear operated butterfly valve?

Apr 19,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

After installation, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the worm gear operated butterfly valve.Only by doing daily maintenance and maintenance can we ensure that the worm gear operated butterfly valve can maintain normal and stable work for a long time, and our production work will not be affected. This article we will introduce how to maintain the worm gear operated butterfly valve?
butterfly valve maintance

Worm gear operated butterfly valve maintenance:

1. For idle valves, store them in a dry, ventilated and cool place, and close both ends of the valve path to avoid dust impurities.

2. Check valve regularly, apply anti-rust oil on the outer surface of the body, and clean the dirt on the valve body in time.

3. After installation, the valve should be repaired regularly to ensure its normal and stable operation.The parts to be repaired are:

(1)There is no wear on the sealing surface of the valve. If wear occurs, repair or replace it in time.

(2)If the trapezoidal threads of the valve stem and the stem nut are worn out, if the filler site is out of date, replace it if necessary.

(3) Regularly check the tightness of the valve and find the leakage situation in time.

(4)The entire valve shall be intact, including complete bolts on the flange and bracket, to ensure that the threads are not damaged or loose.

4. If the external environment of the valve is relatively poor, it is easy to be affected by inclement weather, and the valve should be installed with protective cover.

5. To keep the scale on the valve complete, accurate and clear.

6. Do not attack the valves that are working in the pipeline and do not support heavy objects.

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