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Pneumatic valve and electric valve which price is more expensive

May 17,2022 Posted by Bundor

Industry News
Which is more expensive, pneumatic valve or electric valve? If all parameters are the same, the price of electric valve is higher than that of pneumatic valve. However, because there are many factors that affect the price of the valve, including the actuator, the manufacturer itself, the valve material and other factors, these will affect the price of the valve. In addition, there are some differences in the use of pneumatic valves and electric valves, so simply come It is not very appropriate to compare the prices of the two valves. The following Bundor Valves will focus on taking you to talk about the factors affecting the price of pneumatic valves and electric valves.

The first is the actuator. The parameters of the valve body are the same, and the factor that affects the price of the valve lies in the actuator part. Pneumatic actuators for pneumatic valves are divided into single-acting and double-acting. The difference between the two can be found in the previous article "Difference between Double-acting Pneumatic Butterfly Valves and Single-acting Pneumatic Butterfly Valves". Under normal circumstances, pneumatic valves use There are many double-acting ones, and single-acting ones are rare. The price of single-acting pneumatic actuators is higher than that of double-acting ones.
The electric actuator of electric valve is also divided into two types: ordinary switch type and intelligent type. The difference lies in the literal meaning. The ordinary switch type can only be turned on and off, while the intelligent type can not only switch on and off, but also control the flow. Of course, the price is high for intelligent electric actuators.
The second is the valve manufacturer. The scale of the manufacturer determines the cost of its input. The level of input cost affects the quality of the valve, and of course, it directly affects the price of the valve.
In addition, the price of pneumatic valves and electric valves is also related to the selection of valve materials. The prices of valves of different materials are different. Even if the materials are the same, the prices produced by different manufacturers will be different, and the quality is good or bad. Of course, the working conditions of valves of different materials are different. When buyers buy valves, they should choose according to their own working conditions, not just price.
According to the above description, when we choose pneumatic valves or electric valves, we cannot blindly screen according to the product price. It is wise to understand the specific use of the valve to be purchased, prescribe the right medicine, and purchase the appropriate valve on demand. Instead, it is a wise choice to choose an economical and practical valve.

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