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Senior valve expert, Mr. Lu pe...

On January 6, 2018, the senior expert of the Chinese valve, Mr. Lu peiwen, visited the headquarters of Bundor.The beautiful office environment, warm work,the warm working atmosphere and the energetic spirit of the staff left a deep impression on Lu Lao, making him praise more! 

On January 8, lu always opened a training lecture hall in the conference room, and conducted on-site training and technical guidance.Two hours, the old lu basic knowledge of the valve, valve structure, matching accuracy, surface roughness and typical design standards, design and calculation data, valves materials, the design and calculation of the valve, the valve structure elements, valve parts, valve actuator, design data, inspection and test of the valve and so on many knowledge for them and vivid, full coverage of the latest valve which is closely linked with the valve design, manufacturing personnel industry knowledge and technical data, from a Bundor valve.

 "What do you s...

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