DN2600 Double Eccentric flange Butterfly Valve1
DN2600 Double Eccentric flange Butterfly Valve2
DN2600 Double Eccentric flange Butterfly Valve3
DN2600 Double Eccentric flange Butterfly Valve4

DN2600 Double Eccentric flange Butterfly Valve

Size Range: DN100-DN3000

Pressure: PN10/16

Body Materials: Ductile Iron/WCB

Seat Materials: 304

Disc Materials: QT450-10

Stem Materials: 2Cr13


Double eccentric butterfly valve is mainly used for drainage of water plants, power plants, steel smelting, chemical industry, water source engineering, environmental facility construction, etc., especially suitable for water pipelines, as regulating and intercepting equipment. Compared with the centerline butterfly valve, the double eccentric butterfly valve is more resistant to high pressure, has a longer life and good stability. Compared with other valves, the larger the caliber, the lighter the material, and the lower the cost.
The structural feature of the double eccentric butterfly valve is that the shaft center of the valve stem deviates from the center of the butterfly plate and the center of the body. The double eccentric effect enables the butterfly plate to be released from the valve seat immediately after the valve is opened, which greatly eliminates unnecessary excessive extrusion and scratching of the butterfly plate and the valve seat, reduces the opening resistance, reduces wear and improves The life of the valve seat is improved. The scraping is greatly reduced, and at the same time, the double eccentric butterfly valve can also use a metal seat, which improves the application of the butterfly valve in the high temperature field.

Applicable medium:Water, gas, oil, etc
Suitable temperature:0℃~80℃
Application field:Water treatment, municipal construction, drainage, power plants, etc.

Product advantages:

1. The body material is QT450 or WCB, and the chemical composition and mechanical properties meet the requirements of national standards. Material reports can be provided.

2. The valve body and inner parts are processed by CNC precision machine with high precision.

3. There are rubber soft seals and stainless steel hard seals available. The valve plate and other parts can also be selected according to the working conditions.

4. The valve seat is welded with stainless steel, which is more wear-resistant and has a longer service life.

5. The valve shaft is supported by self-lubricating sleeve bearings, which can reduce the friction produced during valve shaft transmission and reduce torque.

6. The world-famous brand Aksu epoxy resin spraying is used, and the spraying thickness is 250um.

7. Each valve must be tested in accordance with national standards when leaving the factory, and unqualified products will never 


Ductile Iron Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve
1. Executive standard:
Name Design and manufacture Face to face Length End  Flange Pressure Test 
Reference Standard GB/T 12238 GB/T 12221 GB/T 17241.6 GB/T 13927
2. Material of Main Parts:
Name 5-Body 7-Disc 6-Stem 10-Disc Sealing 11-Body Sealing
Material QT450-10 QT450-10 2Cr13 NBR 304
Size   PN10 PN16
DN NPT L D2 n-d D2 n-d
100 4" 127 180 8-φ19 180 8-φ19
125 5" 140 210 8-φ19 210 8-φ19
150 6'' 140 240 8-φ22 240 8-φ22
200 8'' 152 295 8-φ22 295 12-φ22
250 10'' 165 350 12-φ22 355 12-φ28
300 12'' 178 400 12-φ22 410 12-φ28
350 14'' 190 460 16-φ22 470 16-φ28
400 16'' 216 515 16-φ28 525 16-φ31
450 18'' 222 565 20-φ28 585 20-φ31
500 20'' 229 620 20-φ28 650 20-φ24
600 24'' 267 725 20-φ31 770 20-φ37
700 28'' 292 840 24-φ31 840 24-φ37
800 32'' 318 950 24-φ34 950 24-φ40
900 36'' 330 1050 28-φ34 1050 28-φ40
1000 40'' 410 1160 28-φ37 1170 28-φ43
1200 48'' 470 1380 32-φ40 1390 32-φ49
1400 56'' 530 1590 36-φ43 1590 36-φ49
1600 64'' 600 1820 40-φ49 1820 40-φ56
1800 72'' 670 2020 44-φ49 2020 44-φ56
2000 80'' 760 2230 48-φ49 2230 48-φ62
2200 88'' 800 /
2400 96'' 850
2600 104'' 900
2800 112'' 950
3000 120'' 1000
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