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Summary of commonly used valves in water supply network

May 27,2022 Posted by Bundor

Industry News
The valve diameter of the water supply pipe network varies, and the maximum diameter may reach 2400 mm. The pressure level is generally 1 or 1.6MPa, and most of the driving methods are manual. The main types selected are gate valve, butterfly valve and check valve. Bundor Valve will give you a detailed introduction.

Vertical gate gate valve
Vertical gate valve is the most widely used valve, which has the advantages of simple structure, reliable performance and small flow resistance. The gate valve is mainly composed of bonnet, valve body, gate and sealing packing. The opening and closing parts of the gate valve are vertically installed in the valve body, and driven by the valve stem, the gate can move up and down in a straight line in the direction of the vertical and the diameter axis. When it is fully closed, the match of the wedge angle pushes the gate on the valve seat, so the water tightness is better; when it is fully opened, the gate does not occupy the overflow section, and the head loss is small.
Horizontal gate gate valve
In some areas with low terrain, large-diameter gate valves cannot be installed vertically on the road, so horizontal installation is required. There are smooth guide ribs at the bottom of the valve body of the horizontal valve, and two stainless steel rollers are installed on the gate plate. When opening and closing, the rollers of the gate plate roll linearly on the guide ribs of the valve body. Therefore, compared with the vertical gate valve, the horizontal valve The opening torque is small.
Butterfly valve
Compared with gate valve, butterfly valve has the advantages of small shape, light weight, small opening and closing torque and short operation time. Butterfly valve is mainly composed of valve body, butterfly plate, sealing ring and other parts. It is short and relatively stable in strength. The disc is disc-shaped and is the opening and closing part of the butterfly valve. It can rotate around the axis of the valve body, and the disc can be opened and closed once by rotating 90°. In recent years, in terms of large diameter, butterfly valves have a tendency to gradually replace gate valves, but when the butterfly valve is fully opened, the butterfly plate is located in the valve body, so the head pressure is lost.
check valve
Swing check valve is used more in the water pipe network. The structure of swing check valve is opened and closed by a valve disc connected with hinges around the axis of the valve body. The check valve is a valve that opens and closes automatically. , The valve is opened by the power of the water flow, and the valve is automatically closed when backflow occurs. On the pipe network of tap water, the function of the valve is to allow water to flow in only one direction.

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