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Soft-sealed gate valve can be used for sewage

Jun 08,2022 Posted by Bundor

Industry News
Q: soft-sealed gate valve can be used for sewage? Are ductile iron valve bodies and gate valves with rubber-sealed seats suitable for sewage conditions?
Bundor valve: sewage is divided into domestic sewage and industrial sewage.
If it is domestic sewage, the impurities in the water are generally less, and it is completely possible to use a soft-sealed gate valve.
There are several cases of industrial sewage:
For industrial sewage without particulate impurities, a soft-sealed gate valve can be used; if the sewage contains corrosiveness, a soft-sealed gate valve sealed with PTFE must be used, and rubber sealing cannot be used.
If the industrial sewage contains particulate impurities, it is not suitable to use a soft-sealed gate valve. First, the valve seat of the soft-sealed gate valve has poor wear resistance. If there are particulate impurities, the valve seat will be wiped and worn, which will affect the valve sealing. The second is that the gate movement of the gate valve is straight up and down. If there are impurities in the water, the gate valve is easily stuck, so that the gate cannot be completely closed, resulting in leakage.

If you want to pass the sewage, it is recommended to use a three-eccentric hard-sealed butterfly valve. There is no need to worry about the particles in the sewage being scratched or stuck, and the sealing performance is guaranteed.

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