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What is the difference between butterfly valve and gate valve

Jun 14,2022 Posted by Bundor

Industry News
Q: Hello, Bundor valve, what is the difference between butterfly valve and gate valve? Besides the difference of appearance, is there any differences in production functionality?
Answer: The appearance and structure of butterfly valve and gate valve are different, so butterfly valve and gate valve are also different in function and purpose.

Butterfly valve not only has the function of cut-off, but also has the function of adjustment. The butterfly valve is opened and closed quickly and frequently. It is especially suitable for working condition requiring valve opening or closing quickly.
Compared with the gate valve, the butterfly valve is small in size, light in weight and cheap in price. In some working condition with limited installation space, the wafer butterfly valve can be chosen, which saves more space. Therefore,Butterfly valve are more suitable for large diameter valve, and the most commonly used is the butterfly valve above DN300.
Butterfly valves can be used for pipelines transporting unclean medium containing small particles; all gate valves except knife gate valves can only be used in pure water or gas medium pipelines.
The pressure and temperature range of butterfly valve is small, and the sealing performance is not as good as that of the gate valve. Gate valves are more suitable for pipelines with high requirements on sealing.
In many working conditions, butterfly valves gradually replace other types of valves and become the first choice of many users.
To sum up, the difference between butterfly valve and gate valve is that the butterfly valve has the function of adjustment, while the gate valve does not have the function of adjustment.


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