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Sewage treatment valve Sewage valve brand

Jun 22,2022 Posted by Bundor

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Valve for sewage treatment? To understand this problem, we first need to know the main processes that sewage treatment goes through, and what valves are used in each process.

Urban sewage is mainly divided into domestic sewage and industrial sewage, which are transported to the sewage treatment plant through the municipal pipe network, filtered by coarse grids and fine grids and then were separated. The valve products required for this process are: filter, gate valve, butterfly valve, rubber soft joint, sewage valve, etc.
biochemical pool
Here comes the most important step of sewage treatment. The sewage after separation of sand and water enters the biochemical tank for aeration treatment. Simply, according to whether the microorganisms like the characteristics of oxygen, oxygen is injected into the sewage, and the organic matter in it is oxidized and decomposed, thereby making the sewage cleaner. The valve products required for this process are: butterfly valve, ball valve, etc.
secondary sedimentation tank
After being treated by the biochemical tank, the sewage that still exudes some odors has almost no smell when it enters the secondary sedimentation tank. They seem to float quietly on the secondary sedimentation tank, but they are actually promoting the further sedimentation of suspended matter. The valve products required for this process are: butterfly valve, ball valve, check valve, etc.
The sewage that is further settled in the secondary sedimentation tank, and then treated with some disinfectants, has changed from a muddy pool to clear first-class standard water, which can be directly discharged back to the sea. The valve products required for this process are: filters, ball valves, gate valves, etc.
How do you know if this water can be discharged?
According to reports, the water quality is automatically monitored in real time, and the data is simultaneously uploaded to the environmental protection department. It is clear at a glance whether it is qualified and whether it can be discharged.
How to deal with the separated sludge?
A part is made into mud cake and sent to a special place for incineration; a part continues to return to the secondary sedimentation tank for recycling.
There are also special facilities for collecting and treating odors everywhere in the sewage treatment plant to ensure that the sewage treatment in the sewage treatment plant in the living area will not affect the normal life of the residents. The valve products required for this process are: gate valve, butterfly valve, ventilation butterfly valve, filter and so on.
Sewage valve brand
Bundor Valves, a water system valve supplier with a two-year warranty, is a reliable sewage valve brand. If you have procurement needs in this regard, you are welcome to inquire.

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