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Gate valve installation specification

Jul 07,2022 Posted by Bundor

Industry News
Common valves include butterfly valve, gate valve, ball valve, check valve, globe valve, etc. Among these common valves, the gate valve is relatively large in size and heavy in weight, so when installing the gate valve, it must be operated in a standardized manner to avoid any damage. In this article, Bundor Valve will introduce you to the installation specifications of gate valve.

1. The installation and construction must be careful, and avoid hitting the gate valve.
2. Before installation, check the gate valve carefully, check the specifications and models, and identify whether there is any damage, especially for the valve stem. Operate the valve some times to confirm  if it is skewed, because during transportation, the valve stem is most likely to be skewed. Also clean the valve.
3. When the gate valve is lifted, the rope should not be tied to the hand-wheel or valve stem to avoid damage to these parts, and should be tied to the flange.
4. The pipeline connected to the gate valve must be cleaned. Compressed air can be used to blow off iron oxide filings, mud sand, welding slag and other debris. These debris not only easily scratch the sealing surface of the valve, but also block the small valve and make it invalid.
5. When installing the threaded gate valve, the sealing packing (line hemp plus lead oil or teflon raw material tape) should be wrapped on the pipe thread, and do not get into the valve, so as to avoid accumulation in the valve and affect the flow of the medium.
6. When installing the flange gate valve, pay attention to tightening the bolts symmetrically and evenly. The gate valve flange and the pipe flange must be parallel, and the clearance is reasonable, so as to avoid excessive pressure or even cracking of the valve. Special attention should be paid to brittle materials gate valve with low strength.

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