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Introduction of water gate valve

Jul 14,2022 Posted by Bundor

Industry News
The water industry refers to the industrial chain consisting of raw water, water supply, water saving, drainage, sewage treatment and water resource recycling. The water industry is one of the most important urban basic service industries in China and even all countries and regions in the world. Daily production and life are inseparable from urban water supply.

Since the reform and opening up, with the acceleration of urbanization in China, the importance of the water industry has become increasingly prominent. At present, it has basically formed that the government's supervision has been continuously increased, policies and regulations have been continuously improved, the investment and operation entities of the water market have been diversified, and the technical level of water engineering has been gradually formed. Improvement, the distribution of the water supply pipe network is increasingly scientific and reasonable, the water supply capacity is greatly enhanced, the marketization and industrialization of the water industry is deepened, and the water investment and operating enterprises are developing and growing.
The entire water industry chain includes water supply and sewage equipment manufacturing, raw water collection and manufacturing, storage, transportation, water production and sales, water supply network management, reuse of reclaimed water, sewage discharge, sewage collection and treatment, sludge treatment, etc.
In the water industry, the valve is an indispensable pipeline accessory, among which the gate valve is the most commonly used valve product in the water industry.
The most used gate valve in water supply and drainage pipelines are cast iron gate valves and ductile iron gate valves, that is, brass-sealed hard-sealed gate valves and rubber valve seats and resilient gate valves with rubber-lined valve gate. These two kinds of gate valves are mainly used in water supply pipelines and drainage pipelines, and the application fields include tap water supply pipelines, urban rainwater pipelines, building water supply pipelines, etc.
If the sewage in the sewer line contains sludge, a knife gate valve is required.
The water gate valve is a valve often used in the water system industry. According to different working conditions and environments, the use of gate valves with different structures, different materials and different functions can ensure the safe operation well of water system pipelines. If you need to purchase water gate valves, you can ask Bundor Valve for quotation.

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