Demand for stainless steel water supply and drainage valves is increasing

Mar 28,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

The annual market demand of urban water supply and drainage valves is increasing, which is closely related to our urbanization and industrialization.As the country has increased its efforts to solve the problem of industrial sewage and domestic sewage discharge, the urban water supply system and sewage treatment system have been continuously improved and improved. This has caused a large number of demand for water supply and drainage valves, which has enabled the industry to grow rapidly. Water supply and drainage valves can be used in the supply of tap water and sewage treatment: including domestic sewage treatment and industrial wastewater treatment. In addition, water supply and drainage valves are also indispensable control components in hydraulic engineering and irrigation systems.

Water supply and drainage valves play a very important role in the treatment of urban and industrial water pollution, especially under the conditions of the country's vigorous implementation of environmental protection, water supply and drainage valves have brought optimistic effects to urban construction and industrial wastewater treatment, and have made significant contributions to society. Now the water supply and drainage valve is also actively used in sewage treatment. As the secondary treated water in a sewage treatment plant, this kind of water has two forms of utilization: direct reuse and indirect use. 

Direct reuse is mostly used for farmland irrigation and grassland and other water use near the water plant. Indirect use is an overall consideration of the water area and an important way for the sustainable use of water resources. High quality stainless steel water supply and drainage valve is the characteristic product for sewage treatment. The characteristics of the material allow the valve to have better practicability, better quality, durability, and good sealing characteristics, becoming a new generation of water supply and drainage valve products.

The stainless steel water supply and drainage valve has become more diversified in function from the simple simple direct supply single valve product to the new multi-functional, practical and high-quality valve product. As a valve manufacturer, it pays attention to the production standards of water conservancy valves, based on innovation, and constantly upgrades the technology to ensure a better service life.

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