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Cast iron gate valve brand recommendation

Jun 28,2018 Posted by Bundor

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What's the price of cast iron gate valve?Cast iron gate valve brand recommendation.Cast iron gate valve is the most common gate valve products in our production and living, it according to the different structure forms, there are rising stem and the non-rising stem, stem of the strength of cast iron gate valve is the valve stem threads, can directly observe the valve opening and closing, non-rising stem cast iron gate valve stem threads in the valve body, cannot be directly observed.But because the structure of the stem stem threads, so the height of the stem cast iron gate valve is much higher than the non-rising stem gate valves on the lines are of limited installation space, apparently non-rising stem is more suitable for cast iron gate valve.

​Cast iron gate valve price

Cast iron gate valve refers to gate valve made of cast iron. Commonly used cast iron are gray cast iron and ductile cast iron.

Gray cast iron gate valve is also called gray iron gate valve, which is a very large number of gate valve products currently used. The gray cast iron material has strong casting performance, wear resistance and cutting performance; but the disadvantage is that the strength and toughness are different from those of other cast iron materials. low. Gray cast iron gate valves are usually hard-sealed. The valve plates and valve seats are covered with bronze to increase the sealing and wear resistance of the valve.

The ductile iron gate valve is referred to as the ball iron gate valve for short, and its use scope and quantity are second only to the gray cast iron gate valve. The ductile iron used in the body material is a high-strength cast iron material with high strength, and has a very good toughness, wear resistance, and the overall performance is close to the material. Ductile iron gate valves are usually soft-sealed, with high-quality rubber material for the overall encapsulation of the gate, so that when the valve is closed, the sealing surface of the gate and valve seat can be more tight, sealing performance is better than the hard-sealed gate valve .

In addition, the ductile iron material is lighter than the gray iron material. It can be seen that for the price of cast iron gate valve, the price of gate valve made of ductile iron will be higher than that of grey cast iron. The gate valve made of gray cast iron is also the cheapest in the price of gate valve. Ductile cast iron gate valve and gray cast iron gate valve are the main gate valve products independently developed and manufactured by Bundor Valve. The specific price of cast iron gate valve, you can click on the contact us for inquiry.

Cast iron gate valve brand recommendation

The gate valve is one of the commonly used valves in the pipeline system. Its sealing performance is related to the normal operation of the pipeline system. To ensure the sealing performance, it is necessary to have a brand-quality valve product. Cast iron gate valve brand recommended for you. Bundor valve, which began in 1994, has been developing and improving continuously for more than 20 years. Its main butterfly valve and gate valve products have been trusted and supported by many customers.Cast iron gate valve brand choose Bundor valve.

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