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Is the soft seal gate valve only flanged?

Jun 06,2019 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

The flange soft sealing gate valve is a kind of valve that we often see, and it is also the one we see most at the scene, so some friends misunderstand that the soft sealing gate valve only has a flange connection. In fact, there are many other forms of connection of the gate valve, which will be matched according to the specific situation. There is also a conceptual misunderstanding that needs to be clarified. That is because the flange gate valve is widely used, which led to customers who thought that the gate valve is the abbreviation of the flange gate valve. This is not correct. Because the gate valve is a product, the flange is only one of a variety of connection methods for the gate valve.
Is the soft seal gate valve only flanged?

The soft seal gate valve relies on the internal shutter structure to cut off. The connection form not only has flange connection but also various forms of connection such as butt welding and socket welding. Plastic valves also have a bonded connection. The factors that determine the connection method are as follows:

1. It is related to the size of the valve. For example, in general, the small-diameter gate valve is internally and externally threaded, bonded, that is, a threaded connection. Large diameter gate valves are flanged. Generally, socket valves are used below DN40, and larger flange valves are used.
Is the soft seal gate valve only flanged?

2. It is related to the requirements of the process and the particularity of the working conditions. For example, some of the gate valves of the oxygen line and the gate valve of the main line are flanged, and some of the main bypass lines are directly welded.

3. It is related to the pressure of the medium. Low pressure media are often flanged. The high pressure medium is mostly connected by socket welding and surfacing. Some forged steel gate valves under high pressure conditions also use threaded connections.

Therefore, the flange connection is only one form of soft seal gate valve connection. In addition, there are internal thread, external thread, flange, welding, surfacing, socket welding, ferrule, clamp and other connection methods. We still need to check the corresponding criteria to determine the various connections. In fact, as long as you can understand that flange is just a way of connecting, I believe that the issues discussed in this article are easy to understand.

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