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Motorized butterfly valve structure and applicable condition

Feb 11,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

Motorized butterfly valve is one kind of motorized valve,it is mainly composed of flanged motorized butterfly valve and the wafer type motorized butterfly valve, which is classified according to the connection mode of the motorized butterfly valve.Motorized butterfly valve is classified according to the action mode:switch type and regulator type.The switch type is directly connected to the power supply through the switch positive, the anti-missile always completes the switch action.The regulator is powered by AC220V power supply, receiving the preset parameters of the industrial automation control system by 4~20mA signal to complete the adjustment action.In a variety of industrial automation production pipeline flow, pressure, temperature control, such as electricity, metallurgy, petrochemical, environmental protection, energy management, fire protection systems and other places, there are electric butterfly figure.

Below we have to look at the different types of electric butterfly valve applicable to different conditions:
1, Wafer-type motorized butterfly valve, suitable for temperature ≤ 80 ~ 120 ℃ medium,such as food, chemical, petroleum, electricity, textile, paper and other water supply and drainage, gas pipeline, to be used as conditioning flow and interception media.

2, Soft-sealed motorized butterfly valve, sealing is very good, to be as the health-class valves do not pollute the media effect.

3. Hard sealing motorized butterfly valve, choose the hard alloy or stainless steel of surfacing welding, so that the sealing surface is strong, hard, and wear resistant.Bundor's hard-sealed motorized butterfly valve can be opened and closed more than 10,000 times without damage.

4, Flange motorized butterfly valve, sealing, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance has been a solid guarantee for high temperature and pressure conditions.

5. Rubber motorized butterfly valve, suitable for use in fresh water, seawater, salt, weakbase, weak acid, natural gas, air, steam, oil, food and other media, because of good tightness.

6, Selection of ventilation electric butterfly valve with the valve body material processed into sealing ring,the applicable temperature varies with the material selection of the valve body. The nominal pressure is ≤0.6MPa. It is usually used for the ventilation of industrial, metallurgy and environmental protection pipes.

There are many places for the use of electric butterfly valves. For the selection of electric butterfly valves, we can also listen to the manufacturers' suggestions.If you have an electric butterfly valve, you can contact us at any time, and we will have professional staff to make reasonable suggestions according to your working conditions,and assist you to purchase the practical electric butterfly valve products.



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