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Which condition is suitable for choosing butterfly valve

Feb 11,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

The butterfly valve is suitable for flow regulation, but if the material chosen is not correct or the working condition is not correct, it can not play its own advantage.So we need to select different butterfly valve types for different conditions.In this paper, some common situations are summarized and some specific suggestions are summarized.

1.In throttling, adjusting control and mud medium, the valve is required to have shortstructure length, quick opening and closing speed, and low pressure. Butterfly valve is recommended for this condition.
2.The butterfly valve can also be used in the medium of two-position adjustment, reducing channel, low noise, cavitation and gasification, and a small amount of leakage to the atmosphere.
3.Under special conditions, throttle regulation, or strict seal requirements, or seriouswear, low temperature / deep temperature and other operating conditions can be used butterfly valve. However, three eccentric or double eccentric butterfly valves are designed with specially designed metal seals, and the metal features stand out in high temperature and wear resistance.The specific working conditions are applicable to gas,oil, acid and alkali pipelines, such as urban heating, gas supply and water supply, as the regulating and throttling device.Metal triple eccentric butterfly valve is a good substitute for gate valve and globe valve.
4.The midline butterfly valve is common and widely applicable.It can be applied to fresh water, sewage, sea water, brine, steam, natural gas, food, medicine, oil and various acids and bases and other pipelines which are completely sealed, gas test leakage is zero,service life is high, and the working temperature is at -10 ~150 C.
5.Metallurgy, light industry, electric power, petrochemical industry system of gas pipeline and the water because of the high requirements for sealing, so soft seal eccentric butterfly valve is suitable for, mainly used in ventilation and dust removal pipe two-way opening and closing and regulation.

Considering the different working conditions, the most suitable butterfly valve product is chosen,and the butterfly valve is good atregulating flow, good sealing, and convenience of opening and closing.In addition to the choice of the model, according to the different media also should pay attention to the butterfly valve material selection to ensure good sealing and durability.If you want to know more about the butterfly valve, you can also visit the head office directly. We will have professional technicians to provide you with detailed solutions and communication.

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