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How the company of soft-sealed gate valve give the quotation?

Mar 07,2018 Posted by Bundor

Industry News
There are so many kinds and materials of valves. Even for the soft sealed gate valves, customers will get different quotations. How can the soft seal gate valves company give these quotations?Is the basis of these quotations reasonable?This paper shares some factors that affect the quotation of the valve.Take the soft-seal gate valve as an example, as follows:

The first point is to consider the soft seal gate valve specification.Including product model, diameter is also the caliber, nominal pressure, temperature and so on. Product model basically is to see the influence of the products are national standard, or the mark, mark, is a standard gate valve or non-standard valve, gb standard gate valves, of course, the price is relatively low, because outside the process difficulty must be below the mark of non-standard gate valve.The customization requires additional grinding tools, and the process requires higher natural price as well.In addition, cast iron soft sealing gate valve also has different caliber to cope with different flow pressure.Regardless of other factors, the caliber is certainly more expensive than the small-bore;And pressure of the valve, high pressure valve or the production of low-pressure valve standard is different, and these valves used in special working condition of extremely important, it is very important to safety performance, high quality requirements, of course the price will be cheaper than normal pressure gate valve.The application temperature of gate valve is the same reason, high temperature or low temperature gate valve is special valve, more expensive than normal.

The second is to consider the suitable medium for soft sealing gate valves. Is oil or gas?

If it is oil, gasoline, kerosene or oil or anything else? If the water in it is sea water, tap water or other liquid sulfuric acid? If it is a gas, is ordinary air a combustible gas or a poisonous and harmful gas? Each of these questions will affect the final price. Special medium gate valves will obviously be more expensive than ordinary ones. This is also due to the different materials used in special medium valves and ordinary medium gate valves, and the process is also different. The cast steel will be more expensive than the cast iron, and the forged steel will be more expensive than the cast steel. For soft seal gate valves, although sealing materials are elastic materials, they still separate fluoroplastics and rubber, while fluoroplastics and rubber contain many classifications, and at the same time, they form different cost prices. Here, the more common fluorine plastic is tetrafluoroethylene, rubber is mainly nitrile rubber and natural rubber.

As can be seen from above, the quotation of soft sealing gate valve is a very rigorous and professional work, So if the salesmen are very professional, they will not only give you the quotation of consultation, but also save money for you, and recommend you a better product. Please contact the online customer service with the price of the gate valve. We do not offer the quotation for the price, but make a reasonable product plan for you.


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