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Where is the soft sealing gate valve used

May 11,2022 Posted by Bundor

Industry News
In this article, Bundor Valves introduces the use of soft-sealed gate valves. Soft sealing gate valve, also known as elastic seat sealing gate valve, is a valve used to connect the pipeline medium and control the switch. Its structure is composed of valve seat, valve cover, gate, gland, screw, hand wheel, gasket and hexagon socket head bolt. So where is the soft seal gate valve used?

As a common manual switch valve on pipelines, soft-sealed gate valves are mainly used in water works, sewage pipelines, municipal drainage works, fire pipeline works, and slightly non-corrosive liquids and gases on industrial pipelines to cut off and prevent Protection device for medium backflow. And it can be customized according to the situation of on-site use, such as open-rod soft-sealed gate valve, dark-rod soft-sealed gate valve, extended-rod soft-sealed gate valve, buried soft-sealed gate valve, electric soft-sealed gate valve, pneumatic soft-sealed gate valve, etc.
The soft sealing gate valve uses an elastic rubber-wrapped gate, which uses the elastic energy of the rubber to compensate for slight deformation, so that the valve can achieve a good sealing effect. Because the valve plate is covered with rubber, it is determined that the soft-sealed gate valve cannot be used in high temperature and high pressure conditions. Our common soft sealing gate valves are generally used in water systems.

Generally, soft sealing gate valves are mainly used in tap water, sewage, building water supply and drainage, factory cooling water, air conditioning water systems, water conservancy projects, fire water, etc.
Bundor Valves soft-sealed gate valve is made of ductile iron and is made of ductile iron. The inside and outside of the valve are electrostatically coated with powder epoxy resin, which has a beautiful appearance and is not easy to rust and corrode.

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