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Advantages and disadvantages of handle butterfly valve and turbine butterfly valve

May 10,2022 Posted by Bundor

Industry News
Handle operation and turbine drive are the two operation modes of manual butterfly valve. There are overlaps in the use of the two modes of operation. For example, on small diameters, both handle butterfly valves and turbo butterfly valves can be used. However, in most cases, there are still some differences in the working conditions of the two. In this article, I will talk to you about the advantages and disadvantages of handle butterfly valve and turbine butterfly valve.

Handle butterfly valve and turbine butterfly valve are collectively referred to as manual butterfly valve. According to the connection form, there are various connection forms such as wafer, flange, clamp, welding, etc.; according to the sealing form, they can be divided into soft seal and hard seal. . The advantages and disadvantages of handle butterfly valve and turbine butterfly valve, let's talk about it in detail below.
The handle butterfly valve has a simple structure, light weight, easy installation and disassembly, and maintenance. However, due to its own limitations, the handle butterfly valve can only be used on small-diameter pipelines. Usually, we stipulate that the handle can be used for pipelines with a diameter smaller than DN200MM. , if it exceeds this caliber range, the torque will increase, and it will become more and more difficult to open and close the handle.
In addition, the handle butterfly valve is generally soft-sealed. The advantage of this type of valve is that it has high sealing performance, which can achieve zero leakage and good sealing performance. The handle butterfly valve is not suitable for hard sealing. The hard sealing butterfly valve is generally used in high temperature and high pressure pipelines. It is difficult to open the valve with a handle.
As mentioned above, the turbine butterfly valve overlaps with the handle butterfly valve in use, that is to say, the turbine drive can also be used on the butterfly valve with a diameter of less than 200mm, but the cost will be slightly higher than that of the handle operation.
Compared with the handle butterfly valve, the advantages of the turbo butterfly valve are also obvious. First of all, the turbine butterfly valve can be used on large-diameter valves, as small as 50 calibers, up to 1 meter or more, and turbine butterfly valves can be used. In addition, in the absence of special requirements, the driving method of hard-sealed butterfly valves is usually turbine-driven.

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