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Lug Butterfly Valve Features

Aug 23,2022 Posted by Bundor

Industry News
What are the characteristics of lug butterfly valve? In this article, Bundor Valve will introduce to you.

Several common connection methods for butterfly valves are: wafer type, flange type, clamp type, lug type. To understand the characteristics of the lug butterfly valve, it is necessary to compare it with other connection methods. The clamp type butterfly valve is mainly used in the fire protection system, and it is also quite different from the lug type. Let's focus on the difference among the lug type butterfly valve, the wafer type butterfly valve, the flange type butterfly valve.
1. Price
The wafer type butterfly valve is cheap, followed by the lug type, and the flange type butterfly valve is the most expensive, and the price is proportional to the overall weight.
2. Installation
The pressure hole of the lug butterfly valve has two types: through hole and threaded hole.
1. The lug butterfly valve of the through-type pressure hole is installed in the same way as the wafer butterfly valve, and their stability is not as good as that of the flange type;
2. The lug butterfly valve with threaded hole has a different installation method from the wafer type and the flange type. The pressure hole of the lug butterfly valve is equivalent to a nut. When connecting with the pipe flange, the bolt passes through the flange. Tighten the pressure hole of the lug butterfly valve directly, and fix the bolt on the flange end with a nut. In this way, the stability is even better than that of flanged butterfly valves.

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