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The American high temperature furnace renovation project uses the Bundor valve

Apr 04,2018 Posted by Bundor

Engineering case

The project name

American Seamless Steel Tube High-temperature Furnace Reconstruction Project

The client's name

A Tianjin Technology Co., Ltd.

Purchase valves

4 pneumatic control valves and 4 ventilated butterfly valves

Client needs

A Tianjin Technology Co., Ltd. is an auxiliary facility for high-temperature furnace projects in the United States, and the operating temperature is high.

Project Introduction

Tianjin Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional equipment sales company that specializes in sales of various types of automation and electrical products at home and abroad.

It specializes in providing electrical after-sales services for overseas general contracting companies and overseas projects. This time, in cooperation with Bundor Valve, it is required to use regulating valves and venting valves when servicing a high-temperature furnace power distribution transformation project in the United States. 

And because of higher temperature conditions, puts forward higher requirements for high temperature resistant performance of the valve.

The customer and the Bundor valve were the first to cooperate. In a serious and responsible attitude, the customer came to the Bundor valve factory to make a field visit. 

During the process of watching the plant, the intelligent testing equipment of Bundor Valves was highly recognized by customers. The strength of the company's factories made them feel at ease and they immediately decided to purchase the required regulating and venting valves from the company.

Client feedback

The first time we cooperated with Bundor, their product quality and service attitude were among the best among the customers who had previously cooperated. The first-order matching valves purchased from Bundor had been put into use. Valves continue to cooperate and hope that both of us can establish long-term cooperation.

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