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Bundor's three-year strategic plan training successfully held

Nov 13,2017 Posted by Bundor

Company News
November 12, 2017 - November 14, Bundor's  headquarters held three years strategic planning training, the company management involved in this training.

Strategic planning is the core part of the top-level design of an enterprise. Planning is not a strategy. A goal is not a strategy. Assessment is not a strategy. All solutions to operational efficiency are not strategies. The strategy is to win in logic and thinking.

During the training, Mr. Xia Xuchao, Chairman of Bundor, explained the company's strategic planning in a profound way with a global perspective. Let everyone have a comprehensive and deep understanding of the company's business status and development prospects, and the strategic planning is clearer and more focused.

The company's strategic planning training effectively promotes the sustainable development of Bundor, not only allows management to deepen the understanding of the strategic layout of the company, strengthen common values, but also conducive to the guidance, promotion, inspection and implementation of each module work.After the training, the company conducts the exam PK for all management involved in the training.

Bundor based on the moment, far-sighted, ahead of schedule. The future Bundor will be adhering to the core values of "heartedness, play, innovation, struggle, simple, synergies," under the leadership of chairman Mr. Xia Xuchao and strategic planning , a dream, down-to-earth, firm forward!

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