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Connection method of gate valve for hydropower station

Jul 03,2019 Posted by Bundor

Industry News

Gate valves for hydropower stations are often in a special working environment, which puts high demands on the quality of gate valves. Among them, the connection method it uses is also an important process composition. What we want to share today is about the connection method of the gate valves for hydropower stations.

The common connection method is mainly flange connection. It is also the most used connection method for gate valves in hydropower stations. This type of connection usually uses two flange pieces plus a number of fastening bolts and nuts to join the pipes by pressing the intermediate flange gaskets. Why do we think that flange connection is the most suitable way to connect gate valves in hydropower stations? This is mainly because the flange connection is able to withstand high tensile, compressive, torsional and shearing. The flange connection is a detachable joint, which has the advantages of convenient disassembly, high joint strength and good tightness.
Connection method of gate valve for hydropower station

According to the shape of the joint surface, the flange connection can be divided into the following ways: the smooth type is used for the gate valve with low pressure. Concave and convex. The gutter type is widely used in corrosive media and has a good sealing effect. Trapezoidal groove type: It uses an oval metal ring as a gasket for gate valves with a working pressure of ≥64 kg/cm or a high temperature gate valve. Lens type: Its gasket is in the shape of a lens and is made of metal. It can be used for high pressure gate valves with working pressures ≥100 kg/cm 2 or high temperature gate valves. O-ring type: This is a newer form of flange connection, which developed with the appearance of various rubber O-rings. It is more reliable in sealing than a flat washer. In addition to the flange connection, there is also a threaded connection called a ferrule connection. This is an easy way to connect. It reliably prevents leaks.
Connection method of gate valve for hydropower station

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