Lugged Knife Gate Valve

Size Range: DN50-DN400

Pressure: PN10

Body Materials: DI/WCB/CF3/ CF3M/CF8/ CF8M

Seat Materials: Rubber/Stainless Steel/Hard Alloy/PTFE

Disc Materials:

Stem Materials: Q235/201/CF3/ CF3M/CF8/ CF8M


Lugged Knife Gate Valve Feature

1. Knife gate valve opening and closing part is the valve plate, the plate movement direction is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid. Knife gate valve can only be fully open and fully closed, can’t be used for adjusted and the throttle.2.The valve plate has two sealing surfaces. The two sealing surfaces of the most common gate valve forming the wedge, the wedge angle various according to the valve parameters, usually is 50. Wedge knife gate valve plate can be made into a whole part , called the rigid gate plate; also be made to that can produce small quantities of deformation in order to improve its production process, to make up the sealing surface angle deviations arising during processing, this plate called resilient plate. The seal can only rely on media pressure to seal, which rely on media pressure to ram pressure to the sealing surface of the other side of the seat to ensure the seal, which is self-sealing. 

Product Advantage

1. The valve body is precision cast valve body, the secondary shot blasting treatment, the appearance is fine, no sand hole, each batch of casting have the furnace number sign, convenient for production tracking.

2. In order to ensure its sealing. The wedge is burnished smoothly 3 times and polished 5 times to ensure that the wedge is closely combined with the valve body.

3. The valve stem is equipped with bearing and safety dust cover to protect the bearing and reduce friction. The valve stem is not easy to be deformed so that the service life is increased.

4. The upper packing adopts PTFE rubber seal, which can increase the elasticity and reduce the leakage of upper seal.

5. The steel wire is added to the u-shaped sealing ring of the seat to ensure the connection between the seat and the valve body is not easy to fall off.

6. The shell of each valve is manufactured in accordance with the national standards, seal double - layer pressure testing.

7. The valve body is coated with powder foam epoxy resin, with a spray thickness of 250μm. It can effectively prevent corrosion and rust caused by contact between the valve body and the medium, and can be used in sewage system.

8. Every link, from workblank to the finished product packaging will be inspected strickly.

9. BUNDOR Product quality is covered by China Pacific Insurance with two million dollors. Bundor Valve, Two Years Warranty, Pay Two Back If One Bad. Any quality problems of the product itself, we will pay without conditions.

Standard Test

Shell test

The cold test of the valve body, which is connected with the valve body and the valve cover, 

is carried out to test the structural strength, pressure resistance and compactness of the 

valve housing, including the whole housing in the fixed connection

Closure test

Test of sealing performance between valve opening and closing parts and seat seal, between 

valve body and valve seat

Test pressure

The display pressure of the valve lumen during the experiment

Test fluid

Liquid or gas for pressure test of valves

Test fluid temperature

The temperature of the liquid or gas used for the pressure test of the valve shall be in the 

range of 5-40 unless otherwise specified

Resilient seats

Seals made of non-metallic elastic materials, solid and semisolid lubricants, etc.



50  2'' 48 165 125 102
65  2  1/2'' 48 185 145 122
80  3'' 51 200 160 138
100  4'' 51 220 180 158
125  5'' 57 250 210 188
150  6'' 57 285 240 212
200  8'' 70 340 295 268
250  10'' 70 395 350 320
300  12'' 76 445 400 370
350 14'' 76 505 460 430
400 16'' 89 565 515 482
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