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Bundor's stainless steel globe valve and swing check valve are exported to South Africa

May 28,2019 Posted by Bundor

Engineering case

Project Name: Stainless steel globe valve and swing check valve for a customer in South Africa

Customer Name: A company in South Africa

Buy valves: Bundor stainless steel globe valve and swing check valve, a total of 25

Customer Needs: High quality valves for their customer projects

Engineering picture:
swing check valve

Engineering Content:

The customer in this case is a company that works from South Africa. The company has a certain strength in the local area. They often import some valves from abroad not only for their own engineering projects, but also for their own customers.

The content of this cooperation is that a customer of the company needs to use stainless steel globe valves and swing check valves in a certain project. And customers have high requirements for product quality. This is not the first time the company has cooperated with the Bundor valve. Plus this cooperation, it is already the third time.

With the preparation of the first two pleasant cooperation, the company is very trusting in the quality of the Bundor valve. So when a customer of his own project needed a valve, the South African trading company once again chose the Bundor valve. They purchased a total of 25 sets of Bundor stainless steel globe valves and swing check valves from the Bundor company.

Client feedback:

This is the third time that our company has cooperated with Bundor Valve. Our customers are satisfied with the products of the company, both quality and delivery. We are willing to maintain a long-term relationship with Bundor valve.

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