XT Q2L Thread Rubber Joint1
XT Q2L Thread Rubber Joint2
XT Q2L Thread Rubber Joint3
XT Q2L Thread Rubber Joint4

XT Q2L Thread Rubber Joint

Size Range: DN15-DN50

Pressure: PN16PN10/16/25

Body Materials: EPDM


Specification: Malleable iron joint, EPDM ball.
Application:Municipal construction, hydraulic engineering , electricity, water supply and drainage, water treatment and chemical industry.
1. 40% EPDM ball. More resistant to tensile, compressive, aging,resistant to high and low temperatures.2 years longer service time than normal rubber.
2. The number of lining layers in the sphere exceeds CJ/ T208-2005 standard.
3. Double ball design, large displacement variation, good shock and noise reduction effect.
4. Each product will be inspected for the appearance, hardness, air tightness, pressure before leaving factory.
5. Product quality is covered by China PacificInsurance with two million dollars.
Any quality problem of the product itself We will pay without conditions


Optional 1- Joint 2-Flange 3-Ball
Malleable iron/304/316 Q235 EPDM/NBR/PTFE/Viton
Parameter Information 
1. Executive standard:
Name Design and maufacure Face to Face  Pressure Test
Standard GB/T 26121-2010 GB/T 26121-2010 GB/T 26121-2010
2. Material of Main Parts:
Name 1-Joint 2-Flange 3-Ball
Material Malleable /304/316 Q235 carbon steel EPDM/Natural Rubber/NBR/PTFE/Viton
3. Dimensions:
Size G L
DN NPS(inch)
15 1/2'' 1/2'' 165
20 3/4'' 3/4'' 165
25 1'' 1'' 180
32 1  1/4'' 1  1/4'' 200
40 1  1/2'' 1  1/2'' 210
50 2'' 2'' 220
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