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Warmly welcome Russian customers to visit and cooperate with Bundor

Nov 04,2017 Posted by Bundor

Company News

November 2, 2017, Bundor (Tianjin Factory) ushered the Russian customers who are inspection to discuss with us, this is the the first batch foreign customers on the first line of Bundor's smart detection equipment.The Mr. Xu Chao of Bundor hold a warm reception for them.Mr. Xia Xuchao, Chairman of Bundor Valve introduced the smart testing equipment we just launched. The valve test automatically generates pressure test pictures, videos and inspection reports. The data and reports are stored for 5 years for customers to read at any time. Each products have a unique identity ID, to ensure that products manufactured pass rate of 100%. Let the testing equipment faithfully reflect the quality of Valve products.

When the customer saw our valve body, he said he had seen these valves in Russia, and these valves were sold well in Russia and were originally produced at our factory. Good ~
Our customers are very interested in our showroom, especially the butterfly check valve we are about to launch. Thumbs up to our product!

We conducted in-depth negotiations after the visit factory. Customers are recognized in our products and factories.. He said: I saw here a passionate professional staff, saw the serious work of the master workers, and also saw the excellent quality of products, Bundor valve left him a profound and beautiful impression, I believe cooperation will be very happy.

Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, thanks to the Russian customers highly. We will work even harder to make the future of Bundor Valve more beautiful.




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