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BUNDOR VALVE, Happy Birthday To You!

Aug 06,2017 Posted by Bundor

Company News

 August 5, 2017, the date of twenty-third birthday of HENAN BUNDOR FLOW CONTROL CO., LTD.

In the past 23 years, all staffs of the company worked hard and created brilliant achievements with wisdom and sweat.
Happy birthday to all of you!
As we believe the power of belief, so we are brave to face the challenges.
As customer is always in the first place to us, so we are go along together. With the same the faith, we strive for excellence.
We create value together. We struggle with company. We make our cooperation benefits to be the biggest.
Thanks to all the customers, suppliers and distributors of our company.
Thanks for working with Bundor.
Every progress and success of Bundor can not without your trust and support.
Thank you all!

Choose valve, love valve.
Concentration valve, Mastery valve.
The world is changing all the time, however Bundor Valve is also keeping progress.
Hold on to your heart, adhere to the quality, adhere to the brand, adhere to innovation.
We must go forward forever in the future.

23 years, in the history, It is only small.
23 years, in the time, It is only a moment.
However, 23 year, Bundor valve Constantly struggle for what belief it always stick to .
Product upgrades, quality improvement, Bundor valve forever young.
In youth, fight together! Bundor valve, come on! All guys, come on!


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