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An Indonesian valve dealer imports the valve products

Feb 07,2018 Posted by Bundor

Engineering case

Project name: a valve distributor in Indonesia imports inventory valve for sale.

Customer name: a valve dealer in Indonesia.

Purchase valve: stainless steel valve, stainless steel butterfly check valve, ductile iron soft seal gate valve, wafer butterfly valve, exhaust valve and other miscellaneous valve.

Customer demand: import stock regular valve for normal sales.

An Indonesian  valve distributor located in a city of western Indonesia, it has been engaged in the valve industry for 11 years,it is very professional, and which have a fixed customer base and sales approach, as a middleman, it need to buylarge quantities of valves for daily sales all year round.

China is a big manufacturer of valves, and the distributor intends to work with Chinese valve manufacturers as its own outlet.After a lot of comparison, the enthusiasm of the of the international trade sales of the Bundor has impressed the Indonesian distributor, from the initial sample, the trial order to the subsequent full container order, the cooperation is smooth and pleasant.In September 2017, the international trade sale of the Bundor visited the distributor personally.The dealer said that the cooperation with the Bundor is very pleasant, and the products and services of the Bundor are also very satisfactory, and will be more cooperative with the valve in the future.

Indonesian valve dealer imports butterfly valve




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