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Bundor valve exports to Laos for municipal engineering projects

Feb 09,2018 Posted by Bundor

Engineering case

Project name: Laos municipal engineering project.

Customer name: a local valve dealer in Laos.

Purchase valves: 50 sets of electric butterfly valves, 18 extension rod butterfly valves.

Customer demand: Laos municipal engineering, drainage pipeline renovation.

With the help of the national 'One Belt And One Road' construction, the company has accelerated the layout of overseas markets, and the corresponding countries have called for a positive "go out".

The customer is located in vientiane, the capital of Laos, the largest valve distributor in the region, with thousands of flat warehouses.This contract has been contracted to a municipal engineering project in Laos.Because of the project need, we need to purchase a batch of valves.

China's "One Belt And One Road" policy has allowed the Laotian dealers to see the open mind of China in the new era and to find merchants in the valve market of China.Then, in the fall of 2016, the dealer locked the Bundor valve.In communication, bundor knows that projects of Laos has high quality requirement for the valve used in water treatment application, eventually international trade of bundor adhering to the spirit of craftsmen, with high quality products and services touched the Laos dealers, and sucessful complete "the Belt and Road "Laos municipal engineering project,the signed products are mainly for Bundor 17 m extension rod like butterfly.After delivery, the customer expresses great satisfaction and takes a deep step of cooperation.

valve exports to Laos




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