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Bundor valve is on the PUMPS & VALVES ASIA 2017 Thailand

Feb 06,2018 Posted by Bundor

Exhibition info

Bundor valve has been greatly improved in terms of size, type of exhibits and personnel allocation, which has played a good role in promoting the company's brand, making our company emerging in Thailand, which is inseparable from the efforts of all the company's employees.

In order to successfully participate in this exhibition, all the staff of the company will spare no effort and cooperate with each other. The reception staff unified clothing and dressing up, facing each customer with the good mental outlook, has established the good company image. The logistics department is responsible for the preparation of exhibition promotional materials, exhibits and office supplies; The construction of the booth is through the comparison of the plans of each company, and finally choose the company with high cost performance for us to build the booth; The production of the propaganda film of the network department is more beneficial to promote the company's brand.
Bundor valve in the show, the emergence of the company's visibility; Promote sales and business growth;Build the confidence of enterprise employees.

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