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Sewage treatment solution

Feb 09,2018 Posted by Bundor

Engineering case

Brief introduction of sewage project scheme:

Sewage treatment projects generally use a series of primary and secondary treatment mode. After the industrial wastewater is handled by the industrial enterprises, the industrial wastewater will be sent to the sewage treatment plant via sewage pipe network together with the domestic sewage. The main units are grille, pumping station, grit chamber, sedimentation tank, rotary screen, slag cleaner, filter, anaerobic tank, anoxic tank and aerobic tank. The flow of the process is as follows: the municipal sewage is collected into a sump, which is lifted by a group of pumps to the front sump; the curved grille removes the large-volume dirt and floating matter in the sewage; in the grit chamber, the compressed air is mixed with the sewage , The separated sediment at the bottom of the sediment suction by the sand suction pump; rotating sieve to further filter the dirt; filter for washing the screen; under full feeding conditions, the use of aerobic microbial life process, Oxidative decomposition of organic pollutants into relatively stable inorganic; Finally, by adding dephosphorizer, UV disinfection, sewage to discharge standards. The important node of valve network’s drawing: 

Process Description:

In this project, the first and two levels of processing mode are used in series.Secondary treatment process flow: urban sewage pooling to the collection by a group of pumps raised to the front pool; arc-shaped grid to remove the larger sewage and floating debris; in the grit chamber, the compressed air is mixed with the sewage, the separated sludge settling at the bottom by a sand suction pump suction; rotary screen further remove dirt; filter used for flushing screen.

Secondary treatment process of sewage treatment process monitoring of the main objects are:

Biochemical treatment part: monitor and control the process parameters, such as dissolved oxygen, sludge concentration, pH value, ORP, BOD value and other parameters. The aeration equipment, mixing equipment, drainage equipment, sludge reflux pump, blower and other operation control, in order to meet the requirements of the treatment of effluent water quality.

Dosing processing part: for the sewage treatment process in the dosing system requires higher software to achieve the level of sewage treatment automatic identification dosing, and expert algorithm dispensing system.

Silt treatment part: Monitor and control the operation parameters and status of the sludge miscible tank, sludge digester, sludge dewatering machine and drying equipment.

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